Dr. Golden's Guide "How to live longer: Anti-Aging

Here are a few suggestions for lifestyle modifications and nutritional hints that can be used to help lengthen your telomeres and extend your life span. For a complimentary copy of this article please stop in and talk to Dr. Golden. 

What are Telomeres?
⦁ Telomeres are repeating sequences found at the ends of chromosomes, which protect them from deterioration. Without telomeres, DNA would be susceptible to extensive damage.
⦁ Each person is born with a certain length of telomere. Each time a cell replicates and makes a copy of itself, telomeres get shorter. Ultimately, they will stop replicating, leaving the DNA susceptible to damage and causing reduced functionality and aging of calls. Stress, smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise speed up the aging process because they can also shorten telomeres."
⦁ People start to get serious illnesses and die when telomeres are shortened to a certain length. It is believed that the longer your telomeres are, the better you're able to resist disease and the longer you'll live. In fact, measuring the length of telomeres may be a way to predict how long someone will live.
⦁ Mitochondria are the powerhouse of a cell and produce the majority of cellular energy. In the process of producing energy, they also produce highly reactive free radicals that can damage DNA, cells, and tissues. Although mitochondria have natural processes to help prevent free radicals from causing damage, as people age these processes become less efficient and damage starts to occur. If someone has good metabolism, youthfulness, and high energy, it's a good sign that their mitochondria are performing well.
⦁ A recent study by Mayo Clinic, researchers published in Cell Metabolism found that high intensity interval training (HIIT) had the greatest impact on mitochondrial function. This function was increased by nearly 70% over a 12-week program.

Lifestyle Suggestions
⦁ Sleeping 7-8 hours/ night
⦁ Meditation*** Making meditation fun with HRV monitoring app or brain-sensing headband! Free app = Head space Meditation App.
⦁ Optimizing oral hygiene with electrical toothbrush
⦁ Dry sauna
⦁ change your attitude!
⦁ Learn new hobbies
⦁ Increase social support
⦁ Keep it clean - use pure products on your skin and in your home.
⦁ Check our EWG's Skin Deep Guide for best product picks.
⦁ Smoking Cessation

Can Chiropractic Care Influence the Aging Process?
⦁ The telomere shortening concept relates to spinal disc health and degenerative disc disease.
⦁ Chiropractic care appears to improve the ability of the body to adapt to stress, which is another factor in aging. 
⦁ Feb. 2017 > telomere length pre and post adjustment is currently being researched by Dr. Curtis Fedorchuck.

Summary of Lifestyle / Nutritional Modifications to 
Preserve Aging & Longevity

⦁ Cessations of all tobacco products
⦁ Diet high in antioxidants, whole foods, and plants
⦁ Maintain appropriate body fat percentage
⦁ Multi vitamin (including vitamin D) and omega 3's
⦁ Exercise/Activity
⦁ Reduce stress (Mindfulness Meditation 20 minutes)
⦁ Sleep 7-8 hours nightly
⦁ Social Support Network 

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